Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow days.

well, what do you think ?
finally, i think my blog is perfect.
& this makes me happy.
thank you to The Cutest Blog on the Block for making adorable backgrounds.
& making me happy (:

you know what else makes me happy?
snow days.
um, hi, the perfect day.
maybe have a couple of girlfriends over, watch some movies, paint some toes.
if that isn't awesome enough, you get to sleep in.
waking up at 9:30AM instead of 6:30AM really is the best treat.
that and waking up to warm cinnamon rolls.
yep, snow days are officially amazing.
especially since this is the first one this year for our school.
my friends in other states have been bragging like crazy but..
this has no effect now (:

what makes you happy?
tell me in a comment & have an amazing day! (:


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