Tuesday, September 29, 2009

owl city.

hey guyss (:
i'm actually posting at this moment to avoid a 100 page history study guide...
(more like 2. lol.)

but..have you ever heard a song that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy?
yeah.....that happened to me a couple days ago.
so my dad was driving me from the homecoming game and i'm listening to the radio.
and a song titled "fireflies" comes on. and i'm like hmm, this is new.
and it's AMAZING! i could not have imagined a more adorable song.
like...it's hard to describe. it makes my skin tingle with happiness (: !
ahahah. but seriously, it's that great.
and the artist was owl city. and i was like what the heckk...?
new person...i must know them! so i look them up on youtube.
well, him, because it's only one person..
and his name is adam young.
and he's truly amazing, like his songs.
my favorite happens to be vanilla twilight, fyi (:
but i HIGHLY recommend them, and you should look HIM up!
eh, i'll do it for you. listen to this!
is it not amazingly sweet?
it is, it is.
so my question...
what is your favorite band at the moment?
tell me in a comment (: !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

party planning.

i'm turning 14 soon. YAYS (:
anyhoo. last year i had a kick-bootie party...i must say it was awesome.
twilight-themed, of course.
there was plenty o' red and black decorations flooded my house.
and other items...see?:

this cake was sooo cool (:
and delish at that.

but that was then, this is now..
and now....now is better.
check out what i scored online:



(quote from night at the museum 2...a must see (: )

the desert plates will definitley be faught over...especially the eddiepuss ones.
seriously... Birthday Direct almost killed me.
i dreamed of these existing but...they only appeared in my dreams..
until NOW (:
these are definitley going to be at my party.

and so are these...

Lauren featured these on her blog once..and i've loved them ever since !
so excited.
this will be DA BOMBB.
pumped, i am.

What are you pumped about?
*and what do you think of my party scoring (: ?*

tell me in a comment!


Friday, September 18, 2009



so i took on the challenge of renovating my blog...
there was sooooo much stuff to choose from,
thanks to Leelou Blogs !
surrously, i absolutley love their adorable stuff.
and i'm quite frugal, so i get the free stuff (:
free or not, it's all amazingly awesome.

so what do you guys think !?!
personally, i looooove it.
it's sooo different from my old one.
i liked my old one, but it got boring after a while!
i made the header myself (: !
yay for Picnik!

View on new blog design?
leave your opinion in a comment.
por favor y gracias (: !


Sunday, September 6, 2009

my country escape.

tests.quizzes. loads of homework in only the first couple weeks of school.
all i gotta say is: thank GOODNESS for labor day weekend.
anytime i have a long or free weekend, i come here:
my grandparents' house.
it's a two-hour drive, but it's well worth it.
i can't count how many times i have been up here.
when i was little, that was all i did.
coming up here,
i have made plenty of marks on the driveway...
have had plenty of birthdays...

and have swam in the pond too many times to count..
it is and always will be my country escape.
where i can forget about everything and just relax.
there's so many precious memories, precious times to remember.
so when i'm up here, i can just do whatever, and forget about whatever.
like my little private vacation spot.
Where do you go to escape from life?
tell me in a comment (: !