Sunday, August 23, 2009


my brother, logan, is 11 turning 12 next week.
he is very young.
not his age but like..his heart, i guess?
lets get to the point:
the girl he likes and she likes him got together today.
actually, about an hour ago.
i thought it was adorable.
then, a couple minutes ago, he decided he "wasn't ready".
this was his first girlfriend.
he hasn't even seen her since they've gone out.
or experience what it's like to HAVE a girlfriend.
so he broke up with her.
and probably broke her heart.
but he thinks it's all about him and how he feels.
as you can tell, he makes me angry.
but, to make me angriER,
my mom gets home.
and he starts crying.
look, i know i sound mean.
but he's in sixth grade and should be able to be normal.
not some little wuss.

Does your brother make you mad? How so?
tell in a comment !


Thursday, August 20, 2009

spider bites.

i love me some spiderman.
peter parker is amazing.

see (: ?

spiders themselves?
not so much.
especially when i'm trying to straighten my hair.
and they decide to crawl up under my shirt.
and bite me. (if it's a radioactive spider, then i'm cool with it.)
now, of course, my first reaction is to take off my shirt.
and maybe i stomp on it. maybe.
i look in the mirror..and i actually have not one, but two spider bites.
two words: dear. lord.
currently they itch like heckles.
but thats not the point.
the point is that i was afraid to put my adorable shirt back on.
so today, i wore a t-shirt i wear constantly, instead of an amazing top from the best store in the world: forever 21.
thanks spider.
you ruined my day.

Was your day ruined like me? How?

do tell in a comment (:

itchy maddie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


school just started for us..and you too, no?
well. there's this magical class i got into.
it's called FACS. (a.k.a. family and consumer science)
so basically it's a home ec. class where you cook and sew things.
no babies yet.
it's only the second day of school and almost alll the guys have gotten yelled at by our teacher.
so my teacher, mrs.butler, decided to do an "immaturity test".
she says, "you can tell that your class is immature if they laugh at balls, chopped nuts-"
and our class starts cracking up.
it's not the fact that we're immature, it's just hilarious that she tried that on us.
our class laughs at anything...anything.
so there's really no accurate test.

and my core teachers all have something...well, different about them.
my language teacher is obsessed with germ-x.
my science teacher has the worst twitch.
my history teacher has a cardboard barack obama right behind me.
my gym teacher has "can't open his stuff in front of the class.."
my math teacher uses the word "cutesey"...and he's a guy.

yeah. i'm sure you guys have some dilema with school.
What's your craziest school situation right now?
post your anwser in a comment !


Sunday, August 16, 2009

boys boys boys.

title says it all...
boys, er, men in general are really stupid.
they go around acting like you don't exist,
then when you talk to them, they have nothing to say.

don't get me wrong,
i love them to death.
they're adorable.
sometimes understanding.
hilarious& fun to be around.
but stupid.
they cause you all this emotional pain.
and live life without noticing.

as you can tell,
i've been having guy issues.
serious ones.
guys that i've known&loved before..
changed theirself, and their minds..
they like you one day, then the next it changes.
you see them at church after a month and you hug and catch up.
(and by the way, they look very, very fine.)
you leave a comment on their wall on facebook, and they delete it.
confusing and heartbreaking.

boys seem to be causing trouble all over the world....
What's your boy problem?
leave in a comment !


Friday, August 14, 2009


hey guys (: !

i'm usually a very happy person.
but lately i've been addicted to

i love embarassing stories when it's not happening to me :D
they're pretty funny.
this one has to be my favorite:
Today, I woke up and noticed my son was not in his bedroom. Thinking he had ran away, I reported him missing and called all my relatives. After 3 hours, my son walked in the door. He was at his friends house where I dropped him off last night. My 14 year old told me to lay off the vodka. FML
i don't know if it's because it sounds like something i would say if this happened, or if it's just the fact of a fourteen-year-old saying this.
good juice :D

so. What's your favorite FML moment?
post in a comment! thanks!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

shopping addict.

i have many problems.

but i have one major problem.


(not photographed by me)

this, my friends, is not my fault.
i cannot help that there are cute clothes everywhere i go.
they haunt me in the mall, in magazines i get in the mail, and even the clothes my friends have.
but the downside is, i don't ever have any money.
i always spend it all on stupid stuff.
like ice cream money.
okay, it's not stupid after you buy it. because then it seems like a good idea.
but then it is after spending your last dollar.
and getting only $20 a month doesn't help.
and neither does my brother having tons of money when he has nothing to use it with.
and neither does the fact that my elderly great-grandmother forgetting about me and giving my brother logan money everytime we see her. i just sit there and smile on the outside.

so maybe i like to shop.
i like expensive things.
maybe i need to lay off. who knows.

so. question of the day:

Do any of you have a problem such as I? Do you live with it? Or have an amazing cure to it?

Tell me in a comment !

Thank you (:


maddie who is, by the way, is very dissapointed in not seeing a meteor shower anywhere.

p.s. happy anniversary edward and bella (: !

p.p.s. my new blog button (: ! :

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


hi all (:

today is a very special day.
not only am i starting my blog, but it was also one of the last cheer practices of the summer :D !
exciting, i know (;
so we had this pool party to celebrate.
and someone took a picture of me.
in the picture, i am very happy.
this picture is a picture of my first successful prep !
but the downside is that i cannot do it on land, only in the pool. and that my bottoms were soaking wet from the pool and it looks like i'm peeing on my friend ashley. lovely.
but yes, this is very exciting for me considering that my friends are strong enough to lift me, a non-flyer (term for "not top of the stunt") who is not small enough to be a flyer.
thanks to my friends amber, kennedy and ashley for almost breaking their backs (:


welcome to my personal blog!
i am here to share stories about my everyday life.
enjoy (; !

maddie. mads. whatever you'd like to call me (: