Thursday, March 25, 2010

wagon whaa?

that's right.
iiii did!
haha. super excitedd.
sorry for not posting earlier!
i have been super super super busy.
i think there has been three birthdays this past week.
and school has like, swept me up.
preparing for exams, trying to make the honor roll.
(which i'm successing in !)
and trying to deal with history.
my teacher likes to give us loads of homework..yay!
and we've been learning about the pioneer...
like the oregon trail and stuff.
and we're doing this project when we're a person on the trail.
so far, i know my name is Mihayla and i have triplets.
and they're boys.
and they're four years old.
ohhh god.
things could get pretty crazy on the trip.
glad they invented planes, because now i can just fly to oregon..
life is good (:

What is good in your life right now?
tell me in a comment (: !


Saturday, March 6, 2010

tryouts...dun dun DUNN!

oh. my. goodness. gracious.
i would never believe it'd come so fast.
a couple months ago i was on the Jr.Mustangs cheer squad.
but now that i'm going to be a freshman next year...
high school tryouts are next WEEK. WEEK!
being exact, there are five freakin' days.
where has time gone?!
can i go back to the Jr.Mustang days?
because i'm pretty sure i will die of fright on thursday.
actually, i'm positive.
not one day this week have i not thought about tryouts.
and everytime i do think of them, i'm always a debbie downer.
what if i don't make it?
i'll have to sit on the stands and watch what i could've been.
watch all my friends who made it.
on the positive side:
i have pretty much everything they are looking for.
good attitude.
good jumps.
sharp motions.
check, check and check (:
oh! and smiles. which i can never stop doing.
plus, i have had two years of cheerleading experience.
thanks to Jr.Mustangs, of course.
most girls are trying out because they have good tumbling.
tumbling truly is not needed until next year.
in fact, its only like 3 points extra credit for freshman tryouts.
and they have like no cheer experience.
most of them didn't know half the jumps we were doing.
so it's all good.
i hope.
the results are posted the day after tryouts.
which is a friday.
if i make it, me and my friend Melissa are celebrating by going to go treat ourselves to seeing "Remember Me" starring Rob Pattinson, of course!
i love that man.
i'm reeeaaalllyyy scared.
i'll post righttt away if i make it or not.
no posts until then.
i'll be freaking out (:
until then...

What are you nervous about?

Maddie..the future Mustangs cheerleader?

Sunday, February 28, 2010


*note that this was written the night of the closing computer was messed up when it was intended to be posted...*
ahh, the winter olympics.
a very exciting time for me.
i get to watch my two athlete boyfriends on tv...
shaun white and apollo ohno <3
they're pretty amazing.
although they're like 20 or 30..who cares? i don't.
but thats not the only good part of it.
the world competing against each other...
just a mindblowing thought, you know?
shaun's on again..he's talking..and is very excited.. hahahah (:
okay, let's focus.
i'm watching the closing ceremony.
it has inspired me greatly.
the winter olympics are the
they seriously rock.
i hope you all are excited for 2014 in sochi, russia (: !

What was you're favorite part of the Olympics?
maddie (:

WHAT?! how'd those get there?! psh..psh...psh.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


hi all.
i saw dear john.
(which by the way, channing tatum was super sexy in...observe:)

anyway, it made me sad.
i don't have a boyfriend to watch it with.
my friends and i cried more over the couple in the corner than the movie.
he kissed her forehead. a lot.
valentines day is coming, and the depressed attitude has already started.
chocolates & chick flicks with the girls?
you bet.

What are your Valentines Day plans?
dish in a comment!
lonely maddie.

Friday, January 15, 2010


okay, i know i don't really put pictures of myself on here.
i have for previous banners but that's about itt.
so, in case you didn't know, i used to have braces.
actually not ick, because Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren liked the headband i made (:
that kinda made my day.
especially since it came from her.
anyway, my braces were iiicky.
but today, i don't have to worry about it (:
today, i have a beautiful and clean smile.
for example:
ahh. you have nooo idea how good it feels to rub my tounge over the slipperiness of my teethies.
it's just so..slick!
especially since i've had metal in my mouth for the past year and a half.
this is defffinitley a life-changing experience.
Have you had a life-changing experience?
if so, tell me in a comment (: !

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hello to high school, hello to life?

is it just me, or do adults seem perfect?
i know they're not, but, they seem like it....
aanyway. they all have a perfect life.
a perfect job. a perfect career.
how did they get that?! is what i constantly wonder.
and now that i'm entering high school this fall & planning classes to prepare me for college,
i did they get there in the first place?!
they fit so well in their it's a natural thing.

well, frankly, planning my life isn't natural.
and neither is the instinct to find my career.
this whole "pick classes that will lead you to your future job"
thing in school is stressing me out, as you can tell.
i've always had little dreams of becoming a movie star but.
i realized that i must alter my fantasy into a real-life position.
& it's a problem because i don't know HOW !
i don't know what i want to be.
or what i want to do.
or what i'm going to deal with my life.
in four years, i'll be off to college & finding that out.
so one minute, i'm enjoying life & beeing a teen.
then they throw all this career crap on me.
great. what a lovely wakeup call.

so. question of the day for the adults:
What is your career, and do you enjoy it?

& for the confused kiddos:
Are you stuck like me, or do you have ideas?
p.s. 2 days guys (: !

Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow days.

well, what do you think ?
finally, i think my blog is perfect.
& this makes me happy.
thank you to The Cutest Blog on the Block for making adorable backgrounds.
& making me happy (:

you know what else makes me happy?
snow days.
um, hi, the perfect day.
maybe have a couple of girlfriends over, watch some movies, paint some toes.
if that isn't awesome enough, you get to sleep in.
waking up at 9:30AM instead of 6:30AM really is the best treat.
that and waking up to warm cinnamon rolls.
yep, snow days are officially amazing.
especially since this is the first one this year for our school.
my friends in other states have been bragging like crazy but..
this has no effect now (:

what makes you happy?
tell me in a comment & have an amazing day! (: