Wednesday, January 13, 2010

hello to high school, hello to life?

is it just me, or do adults seem perfect?
i know they're not, but, they seem like it....
aanyway. they all have a perfect life.
a perfect job. a perfect career.
how did they get that?! is what i constantly wonder.
and now that i'm entering high school this fall & planning classes to prepare me for college,
i did they get there in the first place?!
they fit so well in their it's a natural thing.

well, frankly, planning my life isn't natural.
and neither is the instinct to find my career.
this whole "pick classes that will lead you to your future job"
thing in school is stressing me out, as you can tell.
i've always had little dreams of becoming a movie star but.
i realized that i must alter my fantasy into a real-life position.
& it's a problem because i don't know HOW !
i don't know what i want to be.
or what i want to do.
or what i'm going to deal with my life.
in four years, i'll be off to college & finding that out.
so one minute, i'm enjoying life & beeing a teen.
then they throw all this career crap on me.
great. what a lovely wakeup call.

so. question of the day for the adults:
What is your career, and do you enjoy it?

& for the confused kiddos:
Are you stuck like me, or do you have ideas?
p.s. 2 days guys (: !

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