Friday, January 15, 2010


okay, i know i don't really put pictures of myself on here.
i have for previous banners but that's about itt.
so, in case you didn't know, i used to have braces.
actually not ick, because Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren liked the headband i made (:
that kinda made my day.
especially since it came from her.
anyway, my braces were iiicky.
but today, i don't have to worry about it (:
today, i have a beautiful and clean smile.
for example:
ahh. you have nooo idea how good it feels to rub my tounge over the slipperiness of my teethies.
it's just so..slick!
especially since i've had metal in my mouth for the past year and a half.
this is defffinitley a life-changing experience.
Have you had a life-changing experience?
if so, tell me in a comment (: !

1 comment:

  1. love the headband!
    and yay for the slipperiness of your teeth!