Saturday, March 6, 2010

tryouts...dun dun DUNN!

oh. my. goodness. gracious.
i would never believe it'd come so fast.
a couple months ago i was on the Jr.Mustangs cheer squad.
but now that i'm going to be a freshman next year...
high school tryouts are next WEEK. WEEK!
being exact, there are five freakin' days.
where has time gone?!
can i go back to the Jr.Mustang days?
because i'm pretty sure i will die of fright on thursday.
actually, i'm positive.
not one day this week have i not thought about tryouts.
and everytime i do think of them, i'm always a debbie downer.
what if i don't make it?
i'll have to sit on the stands and watch what i could've been.
watch all my friends who made it.
on the positive side:
i have pretty much everything they are looking for.
good attitude.
good jumps.
sharp motions.
check, check and check (:
oh! and smiles. which i can never stop doing.
plus, i have had two years of cheerleading experience.
thanks to Jr.Mustangs, of course.
most girls are trying out because they have good tumbling.
tumbling truly is not needed until next year.
in fact, its only like 3 points extra credit for freshman tryouts.
and they have like no cheer experience.
most of them didn't know half the jumps we were doing.
so it's all good.
i hope.
the results are posted the day after tryouts.
which is a friday.
if i make it, me and my friend Melissa are celebrating by going to go treat ourselves to seeing "Remember Me" starring Rob Pattinson, of course!
i love that man.
i'm reeeaaalllyyy scared.
i'll post righttt away if i make it or not.
no posts until then.
i'll be freaking out (:
until then...

What are you nervous about?

Maddie..the future Mustangs cheerleader?

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