Sunday, February 28, 2010


*note that this was written the night of the closing computer was messed up when it was intended to be posted...*
ahh, the winter olympics.
a very exciting time for me.
i get to watch my two athlete boyfriends on tv...
shaun white and apollo ohno <3
they're pretty amazing.
although they're like 20 or 30..who cares? i don't.
but thats not the only good part of it.
the world competing against each other...
just a mindblowing thought, you know?
shaun's on again..he's talking..and is very excited.. hahahah (:
okay, let's focus.
i'm watching the closing ceremony.
it has inspired me greatly.
the winter olympics are the
they seriously rock.
i hope you all are excited for 2014 in sochi, russia (: !

What was you're favorite part of the Olympics?
maddie (:

WHAT?! how'd those get there?! psh..psh...psh.

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